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There's nothing quite like scented candles to freshen up your home. The right candle can cover unpleasant cooking odors, eliminate scents of pets from the air or just create a wonderful atmosphere. Scent has an amazing power to affect mood. The right fragrance from scented jar candles, votives or tea lights can put you at ease, help you unwind or perk you up when you're feeling fatigued.

Whatever type of scent you're looking for, Gellite Candles has the perfect choice in our collection. We have created more than 45 wonderful scents for our collection, using feedback from people just like you. When we think of a new scent, we put it through a multi-step process to make sure that it's appealing to a broad range of people. Still, scent is a very personal thing, and it's possible that when you get one of our scented candles home, the fragrance won't be what you anticipated. That's why we offer a replacement policy, where you can mail back the candle, and we will exchange for a new fragrance. It's a no-risk way to shop for scented jar candles and other favorite varieties online.

In the Gellite Candles collection, you'll find a wide array of fragrances ready to stimulate your senses. Tempt your sweet tooth with fragrances like apple pie or chocolate fantasy. Fill your home with the smells of the fruit of the vine with champagne or chardonnay. Prefer floral scents? We have many to choose from, including gardenia, freesia and lavender. We also make wonderful scent blends meant to evoke certain moods or settings like the fresh air of a Gulf Breeze or the quiet space of a rustic log cabin. For the holidays, there's Christmas Tree, Holiday Home and more.

Start browsing our wide selection of wonderful fragrances now! Remember that each of our candles is hand crafted in a color designed to complement the fragrance. If we can be of any service while you shop, please don't hesitate to contact us toll free at 866-443-5548. We'll be glad to tell you more about any of our fragrances.

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