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Drink Candles

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Drink candles including;

  • Champagne Glass gel
  • Wine Glass gel candle
  • Martini Glass gel candle with glass olive
  • Beer Mug gel candle
  • Bourbon Glass candle
  • Moonshine candle

All of our gel candles are available in more than 40 fragrances, but for the drink lines we do have some recommendations.

For the Champagne Gel candle, our champagne scent is the perfect fit.

The Wine Glass features one of our favorite scents with Merlot and also Chardonnay.

Our standard for the Martini Glass gel candle is our tart citrus blast scent

The Beer Mug gel candle works well with Cinnamon, Pipe Smoke or Log Cabin to have a dark beer, Vanilla, Musk, or Apple Pie for a lager beer, or even Rain Forest, Sage & Citrus, or Coconut Lime Verbena for a St. Patrick's Day Green beer.  We even put a bees wax foam head on this great candle.

Our Bourbon Glass with icecubes works best in Apple Pie, Cinnamon, Pipe Smoke, or Log Cabin to give it the rich brownish colors you need.

And finally, our Moonshine Candle traditionally looks best in our clear colored scents with Citrus Blast being our favorite, or Cotton Blossom, Gardenia or Vanilla Coconut.  More modern Moonshines have some color due to additional flavorings so you may like it in any of our other scents as well.

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